Forex Copy for Followers

Easy to Start, even without Trading Experience

About Forex Copy

Our Forex Copy Service helps less experienced traders learn and make a profit by following in the footsteps of more skilled traders.

Forex Сopy is not only a good source of profit, but also a kind of textbook for beginning traders, because in practice followers will be able to observe how the professional traders trade and gain valuable experience. At the same time, the minimum amount of trading is not limited, so the Forex Copy system is available even for traders who do not have a large initial capital.

Advantages for Followers


You do not need to trade yourself; the automatic copying of orders will work for you and save you time.


The Forex copy service allows you to simultaneously copy the transactions of several masters.


Deals are copied and executed instantly, which will allow you to get the same trading result as the master.


You can subscribe to the execution of transactions only for selected currency pairs or other instruments (for example, Bitcoin). There is a fine-tuning of the scale of copying orders.

How to become Forex Copy Follower?

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Open a Real Account

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Register as a Follower

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Choose a Forex Copy Master

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Copy trades

More than 78% of copied deals by subscribers were profitable. If you do not have a trading account, open it right now.