Auto-Reset Balance Program

Your Balance Doesn’t Go Below 0

Your Problem:

It often happens that if you make any mistakes during trading, they will gradually eat away at your deposits. Suffering losses can be tough as they bring your account balance closer and closer to zero, and particularly bad situations can take that even below zero, putting you in debt.

Our Solution:

The SuperForex Auto-Reset Balance program serves as a shield protecting you against an account balance in the negative. In case you do happen to make a poor trading decision, your balance will not go below 0 - instead, the Auto-Reset Balance system would compensate your losses and keep your account at zero. Then you would not be in debt and any new deposits you make will be yours to handle and spend on new orders. The functionality works automatically for all accounts, so there is no need to subscribe to it.

* Please note that as the provider of this service, SuperForex has the right to cancel the negative balance on an account by using funds from one of the Customer’s other accounts to cover the difference, in accordance with clause 3.16.5 of the SuperForex Public Offer Agreement.